M&L Engineering will invest in a joint school project in Tanzania in 2017

In 2017 and subsequent years, in collaboration with World Vision Germany e.V., we will be financing the basic renovation and ongoing operation of a school for 266 children currently in Nkumba Kibanda, Tanzania. In at least nine months, the school should be back in a good, weatherproof condition with appropriate school furniture and knowledgeable teachers.

In the course of our activity throughout the world, we have repeatedly seen how little the many people living in the less developed countries have to get by with. With this project, we want to make it possible for every child living there to have a basic education now and in the future.

Please read the following description of the project below. We will keep you informed and up-to-date about the progress of the project under www.ml-engineering.de/.

Until then, the entire M&L team wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2017.

Project Background/initial position (Context & problems)

Kibanda is a small, very poor place in the Tanga region in northwestern Tanzania. The population lives from agriculture and in many places there is a lack of important basic services. This also applies in the area of education. Unfortunately, the situation in primary schools in Nkumba Kibanda is not encouraging. The school currently has 266 students and there are not enough classrooms for all school levels. Two school classrooms of the school are in very bad condition and not without certain risks, both for students and teachers. The building and the roof are completely dilapidated. During the rainy season, students and teachers fear that rain will come pouring through the roof, or that the building might even collapse. Therefore, it is understandable that lessons can rarely occur at this time of year. What’s more, there still aren’t enough desks. Students must either sit on the cold stone floor, or four to five have to share a school desk. Actually, these are only intended for two children.

Project objectives (general objective and specific objectives)

In order to give these children a better future, the access and the quality of education for boys and girls in Nkumba Kibanda needs to be improved. Improving access to a school should make it possible for the children to complete their primary education. Another goal is comprised in improving childrens’ literacy and numeracy skills.

Project activities / core activities

In order to improve the literacy and numeracy skills of children, it is important to enhance the learning environment so that regular lessons can be taught and the children can concentrate well. For this reason, it is important to completely renovate the two main classrooms so that the children will no longer be exposed to weather conditions or risks from a collapsing building. The local villagers will be actively involved in this construction, overseeing building materials like bricks and wood and will freely provide their time to work. The planning will be done together with the local authorities, teachers and parents, along with World Vision employees. So that every child has access to the school and can complete their primary education, it is important that the school is well run. The school leadership committee should therefore be strengthened and receive training. In addition, plans also include creating action groups in Nkumba Kibanda, which will demand increased commitment to education on the basis of national laws from the local government.
Ist-Zustand der Schule in Nkumba Kibanda Bild 2
This should guarantee in the future that the access to primary school for all children is possible.
A summary of the planned activities:
– basic renovation of two classrooms in the primary school in Nkumba Kibanda
– Interiors of the two classrooms with improved furnishings
– strengthening the school leadership committee
– forming action groups for the right to an education, amongst other things
Ist-Zustand der Schule in Nkumba Kibanda Bild 2
Ist-Zustand der Schule in Nkumba Kibanda Bild 2
Planned activities ensure the sustainability of the project

In implementing this project, it is important that people in Nkumba Kibanda are involved from the outset in order to increase their sense of self-responsibility and to ensure that they take over the project. For this reason, the villagers will provide their own locally-available building materials as a contribution and participate in the construction work. Another important factor for sustainability is the strengthening of the school leadership committee: This committee will be trained by World Vision and ensure that children have access to quality education in the future. Action groups formed in the village will also work together with the local government beyond this project and demand increased commitment to education. In this way, children in Nkumba Kibanda will sustainably have the possibility of a better future through access to quality and valuable education.